Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Anything you say or do can and will be held against you in the court of love

My blog has been running on silent for the last few months. I attempted on several occasions to write a sequel to wedding blog from the male perspective part 1, but everything came out wrong. Because of this, I never published it and chose to revisit my thoughts after the wedding. Writing about wedding planning from a male perspective should have the same rules as Fight Club. Don't talk about it (outwardly).

My palms perspired in the waiting room of the clinic while I waited my turn to enter the oak-lined office, just beyond the board room.  "There's something we need to talk about," I said. He knew this was coming, and was well prepared. "I want to marry your daughter, and would like to ask for your blessing" is what I intended to say, but blathering would have to suffice. While I will keep most of the conversation confidential, I will always remember the last piece of advice he gave me. "Get ready to hold on tight. It's going to be a wild roller-coaster ride until the wedding."

Truer words are rarely spoken.

As soon as platinum hit the webbing of the her ring finger, the fact that wedding planning is my kryptonite was revealed. I was going to need some help, but Spiderman was being a dick and our wedding planner was a flake...but she has a nice website!

 I'm now a married man. I made it to the other side, but not without a few nights of almost sleeping in my car (as per her request, not mine). To follow this blog vignette will be the tell-all reliving of the strangest, toughest and most wonderful adventure I've had to date. Nothing is off limits, since I am now married and we don't qualify for an annulment. Of course, Victoria and I will probably have to discuss why "Annulment" shows up on our search history.

Next post - Wedding Blog Pt. 2 - The aftermath, or listen and learn from my mistakes